Terms & Conditions

By becoming a regular member of Louth Wind Orchestra, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1

The Conduct of Members:

All Louth Wind Orchestra members are liable to pay for any breakages or damage to the contents, furniture or equipment etc. belonging to either Louth Wind Orchestra or the venue where Louth Wind Orchestra is rehearsing or performing.  Louth Wind Orchestra will not be liable for any loss or damage to any member's property suffered on the premises or grounds where Louth Wind Orchestra is rehearsing or performing.  Any negative behaviour shown towards the conductor - or other members of the orchestra - will not be tolerated, and the member will have their membership terminated immediately.

Health & Safety, and Equal Opportunities:

Louth Wind Orchestra will accept no responsibility for any accidents or injury to any individual playing in any Louth Wind Orchestra rehearsals or concerts. Louth Wind Orchestra will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments and support to members with health problems and disabilities.

Rehearsal or Concert Cancellation:

A Louth Wind Orchestra rehearsal or concert maybe cancelled - at the discretion of the musical director - in the event of severe weather, illness of the musical director, circumstances beyond our control, or if the musical director deems there are not sufficient numbers for the rehearsal or concert to proceed. Members will be contacted by any electronic means, such as WhatsApp, text message, email and by phone. 

Rehearsal Payment Refunds:

Should members pay for their weekly rehearsals fees in advance, refunds will not be issued if a pre-paid rehearsal is missed due to sickness, work commitments or holidays.

Data Protection, Personal Information & Advertising:

Your personal information will not be shared or disclosed to any third-party. It is the members' responsibility to inform Louth Wind Orchestra of any important changes, such as telephone number and email address. Louth Wind Orchestra reserve the right to take photographs, sound recording and video during any rehearsal or concert, for use on the website, posters, brochures, orchestra advertising, as well as our social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


1 A regular member of Louth Wind Orchestra is a person who attends a Louth Wind Orchestra rehearsal more than once, and/or someone who pays a regular rehearsal fee, either weekly or in advance.